Phase-In Plan

Once awarded your maintenance contract, Hassan’s start-up committee begins to build the foundation for providing superior service, behind the scenes prior to the initial service date. Understanding that each building and customer have various requirements, we strive towards a seamless transition and phase-in to your facility. Below is a general list of procedures Hassan works
from as a basis:

1) Obtain list of client’s key contacts and make appointments introducing Hassan’s management team to inquire about special janitorial needs such as:
a) Alarm/Lockdown procedures.
b) Periodic services.
c) Interior offices locking instructions.
d) Recycling locations.
e) Hours of entry.
f) Special furniture arrangements.

2) Determine the different types of keys that may be needed such as:
a) Entry keys / Card keys.
b) Interior office keys.
c) Special deadbolt keys.
d) Restroom dispenser keys.
e) Janitorial Closet keys.
f) Number of sets required.

3) Locate proper dumpsters sites and review mechanisms (manual or compactor).
Recyling, Trash and Cardboard

4) Check inventory & determine procedures for ordering restroom supplies

5) Prepare necessary equipment such as:

a) Garbage barrels.

b) Wetmops (24 oz).

c) Scrubbing machines.

d) Buckets and wringers.

e) Dustmops (36 inch).

f) Floor polishers.

g) Lab equipment, hepa-vacs and environmental wipes.

h) Vacuum cleaners.

i) Edge vacuum cleaners.

j) Treated cloths (for office dusting only).

k) Lab wetmops (24 oz).

l) Restroom cleaning tools.

m) Window squeegees.

n) Window washers.

o) Dust pans and brooms.

p) cobweb removal handles.

Equipment shall be labeled and stored at Hassan Complete Janitorial’s headquarters in San Jose prior to starting service.

6) After special needs and procedures are determined with client contacts; a written outline with an on-site physical briefing will be given to Hassan’s management, site manager, supervisors, leads and cleaning crews prior to the effective service date.

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